MM18 - 2019-02-15

Tracker Details

Tracker Type: APRS

Model: PicoTracker1Rev2

Powered by 2 AAA batteries


transmitCount = 2

msBetweenTransmits = 3000 (3s, 0m, 0h)

lhAltFtThreshold = 10000

hAlt.wakeAndEvaluateMs = 200000 (200s, 3m, 0h)

lAlt.wakeAndEvaluateMs = 35000 (35s, 0m, 0h)

lAlt.stickyMs = 14400000 (14400s, 240m, 4h)

dz.wakeAndEvaluateMs = 1200000 (1200s, 20m, 0h)

Launch Parameters

Balloon and Payload

  • One 36" Qualatex balloon
  • 29.3 gram payload
  • 1.54 grams free lift


  • Top Altitude - 18,107 ft
  • Duration - 75.1 hours
  • Distance - 2,479 miles following path
  • Cause of death - Unknown, signals stopped

General Thoughts / Observations

My best flight yet traveling 2,479 miles over 75 hours! The goal of this flight was to reach the Dominican Republic, instead it passed through neighboring Haiti, then went on to reach the coast of Guatemala before losing signal.

This flight went well. It was noticed that NOAA predicted paths were updated after that fact and came in useful for plotting the course for long periods of time with no signal.

Thoughts for next time

Continue with current configuration while working on the next generation tracker and homemade (larger) balloons.